Looking for fun things to do? What could be more fun than Ninja Warrior for Kids? Ninja Kids Club is the ultimate place to test your nina skills!  


"We spent an hour and a half there and he didn't stop the entire time. Fantastic facility, equipment and staff. I just wish we had one in Austin. " - Melissa S.

​"My kids loved it! They had a great time doing something unique and different than just regular playground stuff. After an hour they were sweaty and worn out! Bedtime was so easy! lol They are already asking to go back!" - Melissa B.

"Love this place! Great place to let boys be boys!" - Jodi N.

"The employees were fantastic and the facility was immaculate." - Dan B.

If your kids love American Ninja Warrior, bring them here! We have Ninja Warrior for Kids. Our obstacle course allows kids to become real ninjas! Our mission is to be a great resource in the community by providing a safe place where kids can practice their ninja skills, get exercise, and have fun.



Ninja Kids Club has the kids activities that benefit your child’s health. Our obstacles build strength, endurance, balance and coordination. All kids will benefit from use of our facility. 



Ninja Warrior for Kids!

Obstacle course play and ninja training is growing in popularity among kids all around the world! More and more kids are discovering how much fun it is to be a ninja! We have a Warped Wall, Peg Board, Climbing Wall, Slackline, Floating Doors, Cargo Tube Nets, Incline Ramp, Quad Steps, Rope Climb, and more!